Our studio artists have worked on hundreds of projects, from low budget commercials, to music videos, to blockbuster movies such as Titanic, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda and Aliens. There is no limit on what we can create. Truly Dream No More!


We're the leaders in both recreation or use of existing archive footage. They are a few ways to produce the holographic effect. We customize the experience to your consumer market. Turn anything or anyone into a holographic illusion.


Recreating dead celebrities or Artificial Intelligence avatars is here to stay. Our team has perfected photo-real technology in both body and facial motion caption software tools. Our engineers and producers are the leaders in the both the software and hardware industries.


Our software executives have designed platforms for Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Brothers, Endomole Shine, The National Comedy Center, Delta Airlines and Ringo Starr Management. We have specialized software teams to create any media experience.


The VR/AR boom is here to stay. Convert and immerse you brands audience with today's most captivating technology. We can create the most engaging experiences that will keep the consumer in awe. We'll build it and they will come.


We offer a wide range of hardware solutions from on shelf to live stage production. Whether you need holograms for table top presentation or 50 foot tall concert experiences. Our studio experts have every solution.



Dream No More Studios is a world class creative design studio hub of elite artists, producers, innovators, engineers, developers, and creators. We make use of today's most advanced software tools, and hardware technologies. Our prime focus is creating the most cutting edge pathways to build and streamline the project. The result is pure magic.







 Executive Chairman / Co-Founder

 The true visionary behind the Tupac Holographic Illusion Design directly for the Tupac Estate. Ace’s next vision is set on taking multi-media to new levels with immersive technology and innovation in all areas of production. His focus is breaking new ground into existing markets. Ace believes the future is ours to create without boundaries. An inventor by night and a producer by day.

 Cheif Administrative Officer / Co-Founder

 Luke is a Co-Founder of Dream No More Studios. He was instrumental in the Tupac hologram concept, which launched the VFX holographic industry into the mainstream. Luke's role at Dream No More Studios is business development. He recently secured the rights to develop the first ever Ringo Starr and UFC Legend BJ Penn holograms, as well as the first ever Post Malone Action Figure project..

 Technology Producer / Faceware Technologies

 Peter has 12 years of production management experience including Warner Brothers Feature Animation and Paramount Pictures. He worked on the SpongeBob Squarepants and Barnyard animated features prior to joining Image Metrics as Head of Production in 2007. Pete focused on developing the professional Faceware software line, which spun from Image Metrics in 2012, and leads the company in Business Development and roadmap development.

 Legal Counsel / Co-Founder

 Blake is a graduate from Seton Hall University with a degree in History and a minor in Philosophy. His passion for entertainment, law, and sports is driving this company into industry leading markets. Blake just recently graduated from South-Western Law School to become an entertainment lawyer, and is licensed to practice law in the State of California.

Executive Producer / Creative Consultant

Cory Weisman is an American entertainment industry executive, former Hollywood A-List Talent Agent, and emerging tech entrepreneur who packages and produces Holographic 3D content and display activations, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Immersive Experience Productions for the Global Entertainment and Retail markets. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Weisman Worldwide Entertainment Inc.

 Entertainment Producer & Consultant

 Frank is an expereinced Independent Executive Producer of 3D concert films. He just completed the Guns N Roses concert from Las Vegas, an Alicia Keys concert in Paris, and a Smashing Pumpkins concert from NYC, all in 3D. He is currently producing a stage production in Las Vegas, a Bettie Page Burlesque Show, and in Paris an Edith Piaf Musical, both utilizing the latest Hologram Technology.




 VFX/VR Consultant & Producer

 Jeff brings over 25 years of visual effects, television, and multi-media experience to the team. Jeff has worked on some of the most memorable film projects in history including: "Seabiscuit"; "Titanic"; "Spider-Man"; "Cast Away"; "Armageddon"; and "Harry Potter". Jeff's role at Dream No More Studios is Chief Creative Director. Jeff leads the creative teams behind all of the visual effects on each project.